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Caralon York Minster

BBC Symphony For Yorkshire

Just before setting up Anything Audio I finished this amazing project for the BBC with Composer Benjamin Till.

…we have just completed work on an extremely ambitious musical project for the BBC – a 4-part Symphony based around a poem to celebrate Yorkshire Day 2010. During June we have recorded over 230 musicians from all areas of Yorkshire; Brass Bands, String Quartets, Musical Saws, Woodwind groups, a Saxophone Orchestra, 40 piece Male Voice Choir, Tablas, Drummers, pianists, singers, a Caralon at York Minster and a tambourine to name but a few. We have recorded well over 1,000 tracks of audio for 4 movements. It started small and blossomed into one of the largest, most complex and challenging recordings that we have been involved with. Composer Benjamin Till came to us after working with Hazel on A1: The Road Musical. Hazel and Simon have worked extremely hard but feel proud and privileged to have been part of something so special.

‘To work with ordinary people who are passionate about music, not professional session musicians, and to be able to give them an opportunity to experience a recording studio and be a part of something so exciting is very rewarding. It has been a massive challenge for us but a fantastic opportunity to work alongside a brilliant composer and to have the support of Alison from the BBC was amazing. I feel very privileged to have been able to take part.’

Every piece of audio was recorded at Purple [with the exception of the Caralon at Yorkminster and a very large brass band]. The live room is very flexible and heavily acoustically treated which is essential when you need to record such a range of instruments. Simon and Hazel shared the mammoth recording duties, Simon went on to edit the audio whilst Hazel arranged, mixed and mastered the overall project. Simon ended up singing a line in the fourth movement, which was brilliant!

The music of the Symphony is accompanied by a film shot in HD showing some of the most spectacular locations around Yorkshire. The audio is premièred on BBC Radio Leeds, Sheffield, York & Humberside on 01 August from 11:00 to 12:00. The full film will be shown on 2nd August on BBC Look North.