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Special Projects – Diary of some of more unusual undertakings

Leeds Inspired - momentus

Light Night Leeds

Following on from the success of Light Night 2013 I am again Production Manager for 2014 as well as playing a key role in the new emerging artists programme ‘Shine’. Just reviewed all the applications and it looks like a great programme is coming together.

Leeds Inspired - momentus

Leeds Inspired commission 2013



Dep Arts, Leeds

New Role for DEP Arts

Hazel is the new production coordinator for the REACH project. REACH is a three year partnership project between Dep Arts and ARC, Stockton Arts Centre to tour high quality contemporary theatre to 9 venues in North East England and is funded by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Programme. Hazel’s role is to co-ordinate technical & production support across all the touring companies and venues involved in the programme.

Hazel Reach Production Coordinator

Dep Arts Hazel

NVA Ghost Peloton Filming

Ghost Peloton and flashing lights

A quick call from Joanne Wain and I was brought in to drive one of their safety vehicles for filming scenes for the NVA Ghost Peloton. One of the most fun and adrenalin filled days, one not to be forgotten. Not the usual line of work but pitched in repairing light suits and getting bikes set-up, and driving at the rear of the convoy to warn overtaking vehicles. Amazing day in Buttertubs pass.



Cyr Wheel

The Second Breath from iMove Arts ltd

Hazel was production manager / assistant producer on this challenging project. Mixing an emmersive soundscape from DJ Kwah with work from skilled circus performers, culminating in an awakening in a club environment. Directed by Mish Weaver from Stumble Dance Circus and Produced by Tessa Gordiezjko from iMove.

Thanks to Lizzie Coombes, aka BettyLawless for the fab photos

Fully illuminated and ready

Shivoham set build

We were already supporting Manasmitra in their work touring Rudra and Shivoham when they asked us to take a look at the set in advance of the 2014 season. We completed a full re-build, working with designer Hannah Sibai to realise her original concept. We recycled the existing set by reusing what was good and donating the remainder to Pyramid of Arts as material for one of their artists to practice with.


Swim Along Cinema


From the fabulous I Love West Leeds Festival

Bramley Baths was once again the place to be as we presented the swim-along-cinema.

Two films were screened in the pool, with speakers streaming the soundtrack under and over the water, the audience relaxed in the warm water or stretched out on the even warmer balcony. For Softies at heart we screened Finding Nemo. And then for the brave and the foolish we’ll be showed the original, all time classic JAWS (oh yes).

The film screenings were part of Bramley Baths open day on Saturday 23rd March.
Bramley Baths is now in community ownership and the Festival is proud to support them.

Thanks to – Bramley Community First for funding our event. Anything Audio for fantastic sound and endless patience with our quest for ever more bonkers events. Bramley Baths staff and volunteers for being a joy to work with. Logistik for the loan of two splendid lighthouses. Slung Low for lending us a van to move the lighthouses!


Photography by Lizzie Coombes

Lizzie Coombes

Water Music: Submerged

‘Water Wusic’ was such a success  and we were all so thrilled with Lizzie Coombes photographic record of the day which really captured the spirit of something quite extraordinary. We are delighted to take part in ‘Submerged’ an underwater art exhibition of those pictures accompanied by the recording of the WY Symphony orchestra who played that day.

In 2011 The I Love West Leeds Festival held a very unusual classical music concert. Marooned on a stage in the middle of Bramley Baths, the West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra played Handel’s Water Music whilst the audience swam round them. Photographer Lizzie Coombes captured an incredible series of photographs throughout the day. Through Lizzie’s eyes we see the whole day, from underwater images of how a stage is built in a swimming pool right through to the concert itself. Featured on Look North, the BBC news and in the Guardian Newspaper, Water Music put the I Love West Leeds Festival and Bramley Baths into the national spotlight.

Lizzie Coombes

The very talented Lizzie Coombes

Water Music 6

Water Music

I’ve had this idea of putting an orchestra into a pool and letting an audience in to swim around them, is it possible – Jane Earnshaw, I Love West Leeds Festival

Err, don’t see why not, leave it with me. – Hazel, Anything Watery?

An innocent coffee and gingersnap that got me into deep water wielding a hammer and a snorkel. Needless to say the e-mail to all crew mentioning speedos got some interest and they duly were roped into what turned out to be quite a special day.

All photos courtesy of Lizzie Coombes