Portable Appliance Testing

Proof of PAT testing is now asked for on a regular basis by venues, but it can be difficult to get just a few items tested. We routinely carry out portable appliance testing for individual musicians, bands and PA rental companies. All equipment is tested by trained technicians, who have an understanding of both the electrical regulations and the specifics of musical equipment.

Firstly we carry out a thorough visual inspection…
Open every plug
Check every fuse is correctly rated to the equipment
Tighten every cable clamp & terminals
Check every power cable for damage

Secondly we carry out electrical tests…
Test Earth Resistance
Test for Insulation resistance
 Check for correct polarity on all cables

Test for functionality/Load
Test for current leakage

Every test result is digitally recorded and uploaded to our network
Each Item is given a safety sticker
We keep your records/results on file & send you an reminder when your re-test is due 

Testing can be carried out at our office in Leeds or at your storage place/home.  You will receive an electronic copy of your test results and a covering letter to send to all venues/clients.

Prices start from £25 + VAT, please get in touch for a quote.