Water Music: Submerged

‘Water Wusic’ was such a success  and we were all so thrilled with Lizzie Coombes photographic record of the day which really captured the spirit of something quite extraordinary. We are delighted to take part in ‘Submerged’ an underwater art exhibition of those pictures accompanied by the recording of the WY Symphony orchestra who played that day.

In 2011 The I Love West Leeds Festival held a very unusual classical music concert. Marooned on a stage in the middle of Bramley Baths, the West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra played Handel’s Water Music whilst the audience swam round them. Photographer Lizzie Coombes captured an incredible series of photographs throughout the day. Through Lizzie’s eyes we see the whole day, from underwater images of how a stage is built in a swimming pool right through to the concert itself. Featured on Look North, the BBC news and in the Guardian Newspaper, Water Music put the I Love West Leeds Festival and Bramley Baths into the national spotlight.

Lizzie Coombes

The very talented Lizzie Coombes

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